Stewardship — Always Share Abundantly

We are pleased to share with you the theme of our annual stewardship campaign – Always Share Abundantly – and some exciting changes for 2016:


For the past few years, you have been asked to make annual stewardship commitments to three different (but equally important) “buckets” for the on-going financial obligations of the church: (1) the current ministry budget; (2) the building mortgage fund; and (3) the Pastor Alina appeal.  We are pleased to report that we have heard your requests for a simpler stewardship format and are making some changes.


To that end, all annual stewardship pledges for 2016 (and in the future) will be to the Annual Fund.  In other words, instead of completing three separate lines on your pledge card (one for each bucket), this year you will only complete one line for the Annual Fund (one bucket).  Therefore, it is important that your pledge to the Annual Fund for 2016 be no less (and hopefully more) than the total you pledged to the three buckets for 2015.  For example, if last year you pledged $50 per month to the current ministry budget, $40 per month to the building mortgage fund and $20 per month to the Pastor Alina appeal ($50+$40+$20 = $110/month or $1,320/year), then your minimum pledge to the Annual Fund for 2016 should be no less than $110/month (or $1,320/year) for 2016.


As always, we hope and anticipate that you will give prayerful consideration to some level of increased giving for the coming year to support the ever-increasing cost of the church’s operations and its various ministries and to help Reformation continue to grow as a congregation throughout the coming year.


You can expect to receive your Annual Fund pledge card in late October which will give you plenty of time to fill it out and return it to the church on or before November 15, 2015 – Commitment Sunday.


We sincerely hope that you will be excited by our annual stewardship campaign theme and the changes we have made to simplify your pledge to the Annual Fund, and that you will Always Share Abundantly so that we are able to continue strengthening our mission to Invite all people, Serve our neighbors, and Build a living faith.