Deacon Beth

Deacon Beth

Meet Deacon Beth Barkhau, Director of Faith Engagement

Deacon Beth (she/her/hers) holds a master’s degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, advanced certifications in Group Spiritual Direction, Contemplative Prayer and Mindfulness, Stephen Leadership and Pastoral Care. She is accredited as a chaplain with a focus on acute traumatic care.

Deacon Beth has provided more than twenty-five years of congregational leadership with Lutheran churches in South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, served on numerous non-profit boards, and was a public educator in Wisconsin. She has led over fifty retreats/pilgrimages and is passionate about assisting all to find their personal calling so as to engage each person she meets in service in and to the world.

Deacon Beth is a wife and mother who enjoys international travel, hiking, quilting and gardening.

Deacon Beth and her husband Bob live in Wallingford. They are the parents of two adult sons, Philip and Evan, both of whom live in South Carolina.

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Phone Deacon Beth at: 610-891-0600 ext. 120

To reach a pastor for urgent pastoral care assistance call 610-314-7747.

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