The OWLs are a group of older, retired members and friends of Reformation who meet monthly, except during the summer. It all began many years ago as an informal group who called themselves the “Lunch Bunch.” This evolved into a more structured group whose members took turns bringing casaroles for lunch, and included a speaker. Someone suggested the name, Older, Wiser Lutherans, shortened to OWLs. They continued to meet in what became Creighton Hall.

Meetings are held in Creighton Hall at 12:30 to 3:00 pm on the second Monday of each month, except July and August. They consist of a simple lunch, a short devotion, a business meeting, followed by an interesting program on a variety of topics.

Recent programs have included an Oktoberfest Band, an Art in the Schools presentation, travel presentations, programs about finance, health, poetry, a canine corps, and sing-alongs, and many others.

We are fortunate to have excellent programs offered by individuals who do not charge us. However, we have made donations following some programs, such as to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund, in honor of a couple who presented a program on Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Maasai culture. We have also donated to Reformation’s Hospitality Ministry, to World Hunger, Tyler Arboretum, Media Fellowship House, and to designated charities of members who have passed away.

The people who come to OWLs meetings look forward to the fellowship of sharing a meal with church friends in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Come join us!

Currently, the OWLs organization is run by a committee, chaired by Sue Bianco, with Ernie Bogert, Betty Ann Jaus, Edna Bogert, Betty Bell, Mary Shook, and others who help with table and chair set up, food preparation, devotions, program, clean up, and so forth. Please contact Edna Bogert for more information.

O.W.L.S. Octoberfest
O.W.L.S. Mardi Gras
O.W.L.S. Christmas Party
O.W.L.S. Octoberfest Ompa Band entertaining the nursery school children.
O.W.L.S. Humor Day
O.W.L.S. Christmas Party