Online Church Directory

The new Reformation Church Directory is “live” online!

You can sync our church directory directly to your device with a FREE app.

It’s Easy!

1. Go to your device’s App Store.

2. Search for Instant Church Directory.

3. Enter your email as it’s listed in our church directory. ***

4. Follow the directions on screen to complete the login process.

You can also view the directory on your computer.

2. Click “Church Member Login”.

3. Find “First Time Signing In?” and click “Create a Login Now”.

4. Enter your email address and create a password. ***

5. Verify your email address by clicking the link in your email account.

6. Sign in with your email and new password.

***If you get an error message when you enter your email address, that means we do not have your email in our directory system. Please contact Anna with the email address you would like listed in the directory and then you will be able to login or download the app. Each member of your family may have an email address listed, if you would like.***

Paper copies of the directory will be available from the Church Office in mid-September.

“Proof” copies are available to review in the Gathering Space Aug. 27-Sept. 10.

Is it up to date?

Accessing the directory online – via computer or smartphone – means that the directory is always up-to-date with the latest information we have.

What if my information is wrong?

Send corrections to the Church Office, or 610-891-0600 xt 115.

Can I submit a new photo?

Yes – send it to the Church Office,

Is my information secure?

The short answer is yes. While there is always risk in collecting information, the risk here is minimal, and comparable to someone losing a hard copy of the directory in a public place, or having it stolen from their home.

Your Instant Church Directory account is protected by a username and password that only you know. Search engines do not access any of the directory data located within the password-protected portion. Your privacy is taken very seriously – the Instant Church Directory website and databases are up-to-date with the latest security patches to protect against any current and future security threats.

The mobile app and online access are fully secure systems. Only authorized active members can gain access to the directory. Any member who does not want their information to be shown on the online directory or app will be removed upon request. Contact the Church Office for more information regarding security.