Who We Are

Reformation Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA.)

We are a Reconciling in Christ Congregation = YOU are welcome here!

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Our Mission Statement: Called by Christ, We Invite All People, Serve Our Neighbors, Build a Living Faith


We Invite All People

“Come Unto Me.” We invite all people and offer many opportunities to respond with us to Christ’s invitation, including contemporary and traditional services, fellowship events, Vacation Bible School, summer outdoor worship, Sunday School for all ages, adult seminars, even a Christmas visit from “St.Nicolas, bishop of Myra.”

This also includes our Welcome Statement:

Called by Christ we invite all people, celebrating the diversity of God’s creation. Reformation is an affirming congregation for all: rejoicing with the young and old, welcoming people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, working to cultivate an accessible and inclusive community for all abilities, and embracing all races, cultures, and faith traditions.

We serve our neighbors following the teachings of Christ. Reformation responds to the needs of the most vulnerable –  providing nourishment and comfort, supporting the work of the local and global church, and protecting God’s creation for future generations.

We build a living faith emboldened by the Holy Spirit. Reformation embodies the unconditional love of God through worshiping and learning together and valuing the gifts of everyone. To create the fullness of our community of faith, we nurture relationships, pursue racial equity and gender justice, and advocate for the wellbeing of the marginalized.

We Serve Our Neighbors

Our faith leads us to serve others in a variety of ways, including yearly blood drives; a Global Mission commitment to Pangani Parish, Tanzania; and biking many miles to raise funds for Lutheran Charities Appeal. A before-and-after school “Stay & Play” program actively serves working parents; while Aid for Friends cook-ins, service at Chester City Team Ministries, and a youth garden nourish the hungry poor. Even our young members learn the lessons of Global Mission concern. Ten people went to the school at the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, Arizona, and made sure they opened on time

We Build a Living Faith

We look for both traditional and new ways to build “Stepping Stones” of our Christian faith, including congregational celebrations of baptism and first communion; holiday programs for children and families; and by holding evangelism leadership events. Frequent shared experiences between children and adults; among youth who attend Jr./Sr. High retreats; and between members of numerous small interest groups all create a spiritual excitement and desire to build a living faith.

We Are Reformation People

Reformation People are free from sin through faith in God yet bound by love to serve the neighbor, embodying in their lives God’s word of radical unconditional love.

Reformation People receive, maintain, and pass on the Reformation tradition of:
·         promoting equality and empowerment of all people
·         promoting spiritual health so faith orients life
·         promoting the welfare and well-being of all
·         promoting education for all
·         valuing human relationships
·         valuing children
·         promoting equality and freedom.

Reformation Lutheran Church, Media, expresses this identity in our mission to invite all people, serve our neighbors, and build a living faith.

History of Reformation

1947 –  Anna Tinsman, Alyce Thompson and Ruth Kuder, create a Lutheran Sunday School.


Ladies with a vision

1950 – Pastor Robert E. Anderson, a recent graduate from Union Theological Seminary, is selected to establish a congregation. Sam Montgomery becomes the first Council President.

1950 – June 25th, the first Lutheran Service is held in the Upper Providence Township bldg.  For the next three years a Sunday worship program is held in this location (for which the Church pays $120/year rent).


In 1951 – 3.9 acres of land for a future Church site are purchased at the corner of Rose Tree and Providence Roads and a building program was underway.

1953 – May, Ground Breaking for the Church School building.  Nov, new Church School is dedicated.

Reformation Lutheran church 1953

Reformation Lutheran church 1953

1957 – a three year building campaign is organized.


1960 – Dec 4th -The New Sanctuary Building is dedicated.

1964 – David Leibig becomes the Choir Director/Organist, for 28 years, until his untimely death in 1992. During this time, the choir grows to 35 + voices and is recognized as one of the premier church choirs in the community.

1966 – Barbara Creighton becomes the Day School Nursery Director, for 25 years. The Day School becomes a role model, with over 1,000 children matriculating from the program during her tenure.

1972 – The third phase of the original construction plan calls for a Youth Center and Education Wing. The building phase is completed and dedicated in October.  And Day School Nursery starts up.


Addition of the New Sanctuary

1979 – Pastor Anderson suffers a stroke and retires.   Pastor Willie Hackenberg steps in as interim pastor.

1980 – Pastor William F. Scholl is Called in June, becomes only the second pastor in the Church’s 30 year history.

Early 80’s – Stewardship, Worship and Christian Education programs changing, a new hymnal and worship service,  and a two-year Catechetical program is established.  Pastor is no longer Council President. Joanne Horton is elected as the first woman lay President.

Mid 80’s –  Associate Pastor, Rinda G. Rogers Called. New  “look” and a new “sound”  with new lecturn, pulpit and organ.  Adult Forum introduced between services to provide Adult studies and topics.  Endowment fund established to secure financial security.

Two members of Reformation, celebrate ordinations: Pastors Doris Waters and Patricia Johnson.

1986 –  Both Pastors Scholl and Rogers leave for new Calls to other churches. Recently retired from St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Pastor William Elbert agrees to serve as interim pastor for one year.

1987 – Pastor Albert I. Douglass answers our Call and begins his ministry as Reformation’s third full time Pastor.  The Sunday School and Christian Education programs grow in size and scope during these years, as does the evangelical outreach program to the local community.

Ruth Kuder, starts the Aid-for-Friends program (meals prepared in the church social hall and frozen, for distribution to elderly and/or needy families).

1989 – Pastor James A. Daniels becomes the Assistant Pastor, reflecting the Church’s growth and need for expanded spiritual leadership.

1990 – Stay and Play Program (a before and after school program) begins to address another community need,  two working parents.  Stay and Play provides facilities for adult supervision of primary school aged children both before and after regular school hours that attend the Rose Tree School District, while the parent(s) work. The program begins in September 1990, under Barbara Creighton’s leadership and still runs to this day. During the same year, a large cross was mounted on the face of the sanctuary building, in memory of Marion Diament by her husband William.

1991 – Renovation of the Social Hall, including new paneling, ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures.

1993 – New Choir Director, Marian Horn Miller, together with Patti Rahi, Youth Choir Director replace David Leibig following his sudden death in 1992.  Pr. Daniels retires, but continues on as Chaplain at Elwyn Institute, a program begun a few years earlier as an extension of Reformation’s outreach.

1994 – Lee Miller, a student at the Lutheran Seminary in Mt. Airy, becomes Reformation’s Youth Director In the same year, Reformation becomes the Companion Church with the Pangani Parish in Tanzania, Africa. In December, the Anderson Memorial Carillon is installed.

1995 – Pastor Douglass receives a Call and resigns as our Pastor in April. Pastor Edward Treichel, recently retired from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Ardmore, steps in as interim pastor.

1996 – Rev. Dr. Larry V. Smoose became our fourth pastor, bringing with him impressive experience as Synod Secretary, ELCA Church Council member, and pastor of God’s Love Church in Newtown.

1990s – 2012  During Pr. Smoose’s tenure innovations included:   additional services,  contemporary worship, new ministries (Fellowship and Global Mission)  new education and outreach projects and programs, a three- year Confirmation program, and Scholar in Residence.

The church’s office wing was renovated and the computer and telephone systems updated. Strategic long-range planning, begun in 1998, produced a new mission statement and task forces to explore church program and facilities needs for the new century.

1997-98 – Seminary Interns were added, Vicar Jennifer Hitt; and then Vicar Leah Schade,  Linda Furia became the Director of Music; in 1999, the Rev. Mark Crozier- Christy was called as Chaplain to Elwyn, and Justin Johnson as Youth Director.

2000 – Seminar Intern Leah D. Schade is ordained and becomes our Associate Pastor for Family Life Ministry. Pr. Schade provided a vibrant ministry until she answers another Call in 2009.

2001 – We celebrated Reformation’s 50th Anniversary, and began envisioning a building renovation and expansion program.

2006 – Dedicated the new building additions of the expanded Narthex, air-conditioning, and ADA accessibility including bathroom upgrades, elevator, and sanctuary chairs for wheelchair versatility.


Reformation Today ADA Accessible and Air Conditioned

2009 –   Pastor Schade  answers another Call and leaves Reformation.

2011 – Bishop Anderson,  Bishop of National ELCA, located in Chicago, attends our 60th Anniversary.

2012 – Pastor Smoose retires and Pr. Jim Wolford and Pr. Arden Krych become our interim and bridge Pastors with additional support from Vicars Alina Gayeuski and Sue Loney.

2013 – Welcoming our New Pastor from Emmaus, PA, Pastor Wayne Matthias-Long.

2013 – After prayerful consideration, and a special campaign for financial stewardship, with overwhelming response, a call was made to Pastor Alina Gayeuski as Associate Pastor.

2015 – The congregation extended a permanent call to Pastor Alina to serve as Pastor at Reformation.
2017 – As a result of the congregation’s Always in Mission campaign, the staff position for a Director of Faith Engagement was created. Deacon Beth Barkau was called in January of 2017 for a three year term call to this new position.
2019 – The congregation extended a permanent call to Deacon Beth to continue serving as the Director of Faith Engagement.