Congregation Council

Congregation Council
Guided by the congregation’s constitution and the Pastor, oversees the operation of the church. Each Council representative acts as a liaison to one of the ministries.

Council meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Council President
Debbie Conley

Marilyn Gilroy

Bev Norton

Tom Conroy


Debbie Conley, Megan Gress & Matteo Machado  – Youth Ministry

Mike Polito & Pat Burke – Property Ministry

Dick Hughey & Matteo Machado – Worship and Music

Kristen Chorney – Eco Ministry

Bev Norton – Community Action Ministry

Marilyn Gilroy – Christian Education Ministry

Talitha D’Italia – Hospitality Ministry

Uli Neubert – Global & Interfaith Ministry

John Grantland – Connections Ministry

Uli Neubert – Technology Ministry

Pastor Alina Gayeuski

Pastor Wayne Matthias-Long