Life Passages

As a community of faith we are called together to remember the promises God makes to us at baptism in the midst of both the joys and the challenges in our lives. At Reformation we rejoice in being able to gather for celebrations of life and we also find comfort in being able to gather at difficult times. Through rites of healing, blessing and commissioning, marriage and funeral we are able to mark our lives as holy and blessed by God throughout all of life’s occasions.

To discuss any of these Life Passages further please contact the church office to speak with the pastors.

At Reformation we also recognize and celebrate significant points in the faith lives of our members through our Stepping Stones Ministry. This includes Baptism, First Communion, Bible Presentation, Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation), and High School Graduate recognition. You are invited to learn about our Stepping Stones Ministry here.


In the ministry of healing, the church offers prayer, the laying on of hands and anointing for those in need of healing in any aspect of their life – mind, body or spirit. At Reformation we incorporate these healing rites into our worship life together.

During worship on the third Sunday of every month we offer prayers for healing and anointing during the distribution of communion. There is a Prayer Station at the back of the Sanctuary. A Prayer Partner will be seated at the station. After offering a prayer to express Christ’s care and compassion, the Prayer Partner will mark a small cross on the forehead with oil to remind you of the grace you have received in Baptism (this is called “anointing”).

Longing for the Light of Healing and Hope – On the first Sunday of Advent we include a special liturgy of healing. During this time in the worship, individuals are invited to come forward for individual prayer and are also able to light a candle as a symbol of prayer.

Blessings and Commissionings

Frequently throughout the year we bless and commission groups and individuals in the congregation for their ministry at Reformation and in the world. Together we ask for God’s blessing for occasions when we wish to surround our members with prayer and encouragement, such as the beginning of mission work and the start or end of service on a ministry team.

Blessing of Prayer Shawls – On the second Sunday of each month we bless the shawls made by our Prayer Shawl Ministry.


The marriage service is an occasion when the church gathers to worship and give thanks to God for the gift of human relationships. Together we witness the promises made by the couple as they begin their life in the covenanted relationship God has called them to and ask for God’s blessing upon them.

Marriage preparation is provided by the pastors through meetings with the couple prior to the wedding.


A funeral is an occasion when the church gathers to give thanks to God for the life we have shared together and to celebrate that, through the promises of God, we are brought out of death into life!

Funeral and memorial services are led by the pastors with the details of each service coordinated by the funeral director, the family and the pastors. These services are most often held at Reformation but may also be hosted at a funeral home or graveside.

If you wish to preplan parts of your funeral, please consider using our funeral worship planning worksheet and be sure to direct a completed copy to the church office. The form can be downloaded here or copies can be obtained at the church office.