First Time Visitor

welcomeHi – Welcome to Reformation!

Visiting a church for the first time can be daunting – there are lots of questions, and you are probably wondering what to expect when you arrive. The one thing we try very hard to do is give everyone a warm welcome, and try to make your visit worthwhile. After all, we’d love it if you wanted to come back!

So if you are considering coming to visit, here’s some helpful information you might like to know.  If we don’t answer all your questions here, check our FAQs in the ‘About Us’ section of the website too.  Or, feel free to call the office anytime.

Who are we and where are we?

Reformation Lutheran Church consists of a wide range of different people, from all ages and different backgrounds, and we are located at 102 W RoseTree Road in Media, PA. Find directions here.

Our Facilities:

We aim to be an all-inclusive church, and our facilities are accessible for those with disabilities. We have designated disabled parking spaces near the entrance, have ADA compliant rest rooms, a hearing system with adjustable volume, and large print bulletins.

Our church was recently renovated and upgraded and includes ramps, an elevator, and is air conditioned throughout.  We use chairs instead of pews in the Sanctuary so that anyone in a wheelchair can be accommodated next to his or her family.

If you wish to discuss specific needs please contact the Church Office.

Standard Sunday Worship times are:

8:30am – Traditional liturgy / Communion weekly* / Traditional Organ Music / Sermon on The Steps for Kids

This service runs about 50 minutes or so, and is traditional in nature.

9:45am – Bible Study for Adults; Sunday school at all age levels (During School Year Months)

11am** – Contemporary liturgy / Communion weekly*  / Contemporary Music with piano and band / Sermon on The Steps for Kids
**10am – Summer Contemporary Service

This service is often our Family Service, with once a month the Children’s Choir or our ROCK Stars (Reformation’s Outstanding Christian Kids) singing, and often our Souls A Fire Choir, singing contemporary music.   Holy Communion is held every week, and Morning Celebrations, such as Baptisms, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation class completion are held occasionally during this service.  The service is a mixture of traditional and modern worship and runs about an hour.

Refreshments are provided at the end of each service.


If you have been baptized and have received communion in another Christian church you are welcome to our communion.  We provide communion by intinction, which means, that we walk up to the front of the church and receive our communion wafer, then dip it into either the chalice with grape juice or wine.  Gluten Free wafers are also available.


Plenty of parking is available onsite.  And there are extra spots reserved for visitors and handicap spaces.


Dress however you’re most comfortable.  You will see some women in dresses and men in ties, and others will dress casually. The pastor wears a traditional clerical robe.  We don’t care what you wear, we only care that you’re here!

When you Arrive:

You can expect to see people of all ages and many families with young children.  We also provide a professionally staffed nursery very close to the sanctuary at each service.  Children are welcome in the service or cared for in the nursery.

You can expect to be greeted hello and provided with a bulletin to help you follow the service comfortably.  The bulletin gives you each element of the service.

There are also children’s packets in the back of the sanctuary with coloring items and books for them to use if your little one(s) like to draw or keep busy during the service! And all youngsters are welcome to come forward and join the pastor for the “Sermon on the Steps” immediately before the formal sermon.


When the offering plate is passed, if you decide to give, know that there is no level of expectation.

Let Us Know You’re Here:

Please take a moment to sign our friendship pad, which is passed down the aisle to everyone in the row, new or otherwise.  If you tell us on the friendship pad that you’re visiting with us, and volunteer any additional information – such as your address, we will stop by with cookies.  If you do not want to be contacted, that is totally fine.

Signing Up, Speaking Up, Standing Up:

Rest assured that you will not have to sign anything, say anything, give anything or be singled out in any way.  We are happy to have you and we look forward to your visit!

If you have any questions, though, please feel free to ask the greeter, usher, or anyone else, or speak with the pastor after the service.

After the Service:  

During the cooler months, we have coffee and light refreshments in the Narthex (our main lobby), after each service.  In the summer months, we have either punch on the lawn or light summer refreshments in the lobby for fellowship.  Feel free to join us anytime.

Other Fellowship – Is it Just Sundays?

Absolutely not! We have meetings, activities and small groups taking place daily, and offer mid-week services (during lent).   ‘Homegroups’ meet for friendship, study and prayer, book clubs, and other interests abound, and are a great way to get to know others in the church and grow together.

How can I learn more about Reformation Church?

Several times during the year Pastor Wayne will have a “Newcomers Class”. This multi-week study discusses the basic doctrinal beliefs of the Lutheran Theology and the missions of Reformation Lutheran Church.

Please feel free to check our News and Events section and calendar of events for any other opportunities to serve, or join small groups that might be of interest.