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The Reformation Library serves our congregation and its ministries with more than 1700 items in our self-serve library collection including books, periodicals, videos, audio cd’s, music, collections for children, teens and adults. The Library Committee thanks our many church members who donate to the library : books in memory of loved ones; books in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion, monetary gifts.  Used books and other items may also be donated.  The Library Committee will determine the suitability for the collection; items not usable will be passed on to the Media Library for their semi-annual Book Sales or to another appropriate site.

The library collection can be found in the hallway outside of the choir room and also in Room 227 which has seating for reading and relaxing.  The Reformation Library is open during church office hours and on Sunday mornings.  Check-out of books and other circulating items is easy:

  1. Find an item that interests you.
  2. Remove the card from the pocket in back of the book.
  3. Write your name and the date the book will be due (two weeks from the date you take the book out.)
  4. Place card in designated box on library shelf in hall.
  5. To return the book, simply place it in the Returns box under the shelves.

The Library maintains membership in the Church and Synagogue Library Association and its collection is cataloged to professional library standards. The collection database will soon be able to be accessed from the computer in the library, and, in the near future, from the church’s online website.

The Library Committee meets monthly and conducts outreach to our members through our lively library bulletin board, a church newsletter column with book reviews by members, book cart visits to Sunday School  classes and  to other special programs upon request.

Reformation Book Club
Sponsored by the Reformation Library

Reformation Book Club


The Reformation Library hosts quarterly evening Book Club discussions.  Books for discussion include both fiction and non-fiction and are chosen by the participants with rotating discussion leaders.  A sampling of recent books discussions included Half the Sky, To Kill a Mockingbird, Cutting for Stone, State of Wonder, The Confession, and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  ALL members are invited to participate in Book Club discussions.  See Sue Bianco or Laura Reiter for more information.   Future discussion dates can be found on the church calendar.



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