Nurse’s Blog – Vials of Life

Nurse’s Blog – Vials of Life

Vials of Life Update

This month I want to reintroduce the Vial of Life. This is a nationally recognized form that you can fill out that provides medical and general information that emergency personnel recognize. Included in this form are the most important things you would want someone to know about you, if you can’t speak for yourself. It is a tool that can help you get health care quickly

People who find themselves in emergencies have a difficult time thinking straight. I have been in many situations with my family and church members, where information needs to be provided quickly. The Vial of Life form can be used as a resource in those difficult situations. I highly recommend it and will provide the form and Vial of life decal to any member of our congregation.  The American Senior Safety Agency endorses this form and recommends that all seniors use it!

The form lists your name, your doctor, medications you are using, illness you have, health insurance policies, allergies and emergency contacts. It also includes language preferences, hearing or seeing devices you use and any normal vital statistics you choose to include. This information allows for timely and correct treatment but can be annoying or impossible to relate when you are the ill person. So please consider using this form to protect yourself and all of your family members. It only takes a little time and it could save your life.

Fill out the form completely, fold it and put it in a plastic baggie and tape it to your refrigerator door. You can duplicate this form for your wallet or car glove compartment. The vial of life decal should be placed on a front door or in an entry way so emergency personnel know you have the information on your refrigerator. Remember to update your form when information changes. There is also a site on line where you can register your information and update it periodically. Check this site for more information. Forms are also available there at no charge. I strongly recommend this form and will distribute it to any members after services during October and I will be available to answer questions you have about the form.

~ Pat Woerheide, R.N