Nurse’s Blog – “First Aid Stations”

 First Aid Stations

First aid stations are available in many locations throughout our church building and are clearly marked. It is important that members are aware of the stations for use when an emergency occurs. When an accident occurs, the first issue we all should be aware of is SAFETY. Lower the injured person to the floor or a chair. Make sure the person cannot hurt themselves. Look at the person who is injured, assess the seriousness of the injury. Ask yourself, can they breath or are they severly bleeding? Talk to the injured person and ask them if they need assistance, if they cannot speak, call for help. Another person should be asked to call 911 if there are breathing problems, dizziness or severe bleeding or obvious broken bones. Alert others of the emergency and call for assistance from me if I am available, or ask for someone trained in emergency care, but do not leave a injured member alone and do not move the injured person. We have many members trained in CPR and First Aid. An ambulance can come to our church within minutes.

The First Aid Stations are located in many places on both floors. Protective masks for CPR, instant cold packs, dressings and bandages along with antibiotic ointment are in the First Aid Stations. Ask for allergies before applying ointment or tape. There are no medications in our first aid stations.

Here is a list of First Aid Stations:

1.The narthex above the coat rack.

2. The worship center above the coat rack on the left side facing the rear.

3. Near the Alice Thompson room in the main hall in the food pantry area.

4. The kitchen by Creighton Hall, in the first cabinet on the right as you enter the kitchen.

5. The kitchen by the lower level youth room, in the cabinet above the counter.

6. Also the nursery school has placed first aid kits in every classroom and in the computer room.  We may use these in the event of a injury.

If you would like to attend First Aid or CPR training, contact me. I can let you know where classes are being given. If we have enough interest we can make these classes available in our church. Lets all become aware of first aid stations to help one another.

~ Pat Woerheide, R.N

September  2014