O.W.L.S. News

O.W.L.S. News

After a grand close to our season in June with
Kevin Gane’s impressive vocal, piano, and organ
entertainment, the OWLs began the fall season
with a full program! Margie Gibson led the
devotion prior to lunch in her usual outstanding
way. After lunch, Betty Bell gave her final report
as treasurer. She announced that she had written
a $100 check to Reformation for World Hunger.

Since the OWLs sole financing comes from
volunteer donations in the offering baskets, we
don’t often garner enough to do this, but, when
our treasury grows, we give back in an appropriate way.
Since we also had enough $$ at the end of the
year to pay for June’s home-catered meal, we
gave the collection for that day to college student, Kevin.

Sally Phillips has generously offered to replace
Betty Bell, who has served as treasurer for many years.

Seniors Helping Seniors provided the program.
Cindy Lefkowitz and Irene Landes explained all
about this unique care-giving group, in which
older folks can both receive services or work to
provide them. Anyone interested in learning more
about SHS can visit their website or call
local franchise owner Cindy Lefkowitz at 610.306.3382.

October 13 brings the OWLs version of Oktoberfest!
So, get out your dirndl skirts and lederhosen and
come prepared to eat knockwurst and saurkraut
and hoist your mugs of root beer to toast the fall
season, as Gladys Martin accompanies us in singing some rousing tunes!

Meetings are held on the second Monday and begin at 12:30. All are welcome!