Nov. 15th is Commitment Sunday

Nov. 15th is Commitment Sunday


As the Finance Ministry reported in the last
newsletter, you are invited to make your 2016
Annual Fund commitment to one combined fund
rather than to three separate funds as in recent
past years.

It is our fervent hope that your commitment to the
2016 Annual Fund will be based on the total of
your past commitments – your giving to the
“Current Fund” plus the “Pastor Alina Fund” plus
the “Building Mortgage Fund” (plus any increase
you may prayerfully consider).

Please complete and return your Annual Fund
pledge card (along with your Always in Mission
pledge card) on or before Commitment Sunday,
November 15.

As you Always Share Abundantly through the
Annual Fund you help strengthen our mission to
Invite all people, Serve our neighbors, and Build
a living faith.