OWLS February Update

January can be treacherous time for older folks,
indoors and out. RLC member, Steve Hess,
gave a pertinent presentation on safety
measures to those in attendance at the OWLs
January meeting. His good advice and ideas on
safety was well received and appreciated!
On February 8 Margie Gibson will speak about
Everyday Miracles (which also happens to be the
title of her latest book!) Margie has written
several autobiographical books, and she thinks
others should do the same! She’ll encourage
members and suggest ways to tell their own

Later this year, we look forward to programs on
art, music, and the secret to happiness! Save
the second Mondays at 12:30 to 2:30 for food,
fellowship, and a variety of interesting
presentations in Creighton Hall. Members and
guests of all ages are always welcome!