Library Blog April 2016

Library Blog April 2016

Reading Transforms Us…or 5 Good Reasons to Read a Book        

In our busy lives, finding the time to sit down and sink into a good book is tough. Yet brain research has reveals how reading transforms our brains and capabilities at any age:

  • Reading actually rewires your brain – in a very good way! Studies show that reading a good novel increases connectivity among the regions of the brain.
  • Reading is virtual reality. Reading about an experience affects your brain in virtually the same way as if it were happening to you. It’s like you are living the thoughts, feelings and sensory experiences of the characters. Talk about taking you out of yourself!
  • Reading makes us more empathetic. As we feel what the characters in a story feel, we become more aware of and sensitive to the lives and feelings of others, and our capacity for empathy grows.
  • Reading can make us smarter. It increases our ability to solve problems, understand and detect patterns. Steve Jobs was a great reader!
  • Reading helps extend our attention spans. Story structure encourages our brains to think in sequence and understanding cause and effect and consequences. A great antidote to our stressed daily lives.


CD of the Month

The greatest benefits come from reading challenging fiction – a good novel – but listening to books delivers some of the same value. Try out The Gospel of Jesus read by Garrison Keillor and edited by Daniel L. Johnson (71/4 hours on 8 discs).

Centuries ago, early Christians listened as the Bible was read to them. This recording continues the oral tradition with a conversational translation performed by America’s favorite storyteller.