July 2017 Library News

July 2017 Library News

July 2017 Library News

Worship Traditions as Diverse as Humanity

Check out the Library bulletin board for books about the diverse ways people have chosen to define the values of a good life, to worship and to live a life of faith.

Depending on how you look at them, the faith traditions of the world may seem wildly different. Sometimes we only know about features which aren’t central to the faith – like viewing Hanukah as the Jewish version of Christmas. Or the media may fix on just one feature of a religion and perhaps not accurately – like jihad, primarily an internal struggle to live out faith for Muslims. And in yet other instances, our own traditions and past practices heavily influence how we perceive other religions – think of Catholicism. Yet there’s much more to all faiths than we may think. And reading about them shows the deeply human need we share to worship a higher power. Learning the many ways we do so is a way to deepen our own faith, and broaden our appreciation of what we share in common.

Take a DVD Trip to the Holy Land

In just 56 minutes, presenter David Nunn takes you through 16 segments that will let you read the gospels in Technicolor rather than black and white. This production sweeps us through the “greatest story ever told” from Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem to his triumphant ascension on the Mount of Olives – all in their original setting.

Tip: Visualization of the gospel stories, including placing yourself in the narrative as if you were there, leads some people to a deeper under- standing of Jesus and his teachings.

Check Out Our New Webpage

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Thanks for the Donations

New and gently used books and DVDs that you have found meaningful are always welcome. Thank you to Edna Bogert and Anonymous for their recent gifts.