Oct 2017 Library News

Keep Our Library Growing! If you have books or DVDs that you think others would find valuable, please donate them to our library. Thank you this month to Sue Bianco for doing so. To access our library homepage and see the extent of our collection, just go to relclibrary.org.

Take a Look at the Library Bulletin Board…and celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with a book. The theme is Luther and the Reformation, highlighting just some of the many books you’ll find in our collection on the man, the times and our faith.

Like to Read and Talk About What You’ve Read? If so, join like-minded people at the next Book Club meeting on October 17 at 7 pm. The book is Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. Goodreads calls it “a captivating story of two very different women who build an unexpected friendship: a 91-year-old woman with a hidden past as an orphan-train rider and the teenage girl whose own troubled adolescence leads her to seek answers to questions no one has ever thought to ask.”

Discussions are lively, opinions are diverse and the snacks are great. Hope you’ll attend — even if you haven’t read the book. Everyone is welcome!