Home-Owners Co-Op Now Forming

Home-Owners Co-Op Now Forming

Do you have a bunch of projects around the house that just never seem to get done? Would you like some help? A new homeowner’s co-op group is forming at church that offers families the chance to help each other by hosting work days where members come together to have food, fellowship, and help get some honey-do list items checked off. Kids and adults come to help each other get a variety of jobs done while enjoying time together. The work helps families with jobs large and small while also providing a practical way to strengthen friendships with only a commitment for a few work days a year.  More details are provided below.

The Bocian and Bowman families will be holding an informational meeting to form a homeowner’s co-op on March 18 after the 11 o’clock service. Both families participated in one together last spring and enjoyed the experience greatly. They are excited to form a new homeowner’s co-op this spring and are looking for other families and individuals who might enjoy this type of experience.

Here are the basics on how a homeowners co-op works. A group of 3-5 families/individuals commit to helping out for an afternoon of work at each other’s home. Ex; 3 families = 3 afternoons of work. Dates are determined by each group based on what fits the co-op members availability. Children are welcome to participate if parents want. The Bocian children were present at all of last year’s co-op sessions and assisted the adults with simple tasks (or made really good go-fors when they weren’t playing with the host’s pets).

Each co-op session has a pot luck style lunch where every group brings a portion of the meal on the work day. They enjoy fellowship over a meal and discuss the items on the “honey do list” the host has. Everyone helps with a task they are comfortable with. You don’t have to be particularly handy or knowledgeable to enjoy helping others, and members are always glad to share their knowledge and teach others new skills as we work together.

Tasks can range from simple spring cleaning a house, a shed, a garage, weeding a flower bed as well as construction tasks depending on the skills of the members in the group. Examples of tasks that were accomplished with the last co-op are; weeding, raking, preparing flower beds, installing garden rabbit fencing and raised flower beds, organizing a shed, reseeding a lawn,  trimming bushes & trees, painting a bathroom, and painting doors. The host prepares a list of tasks they hope to get done and buys the materials needed. If tasks are known ahead of time participants might be requested to bring tools like additional rakes, hammers, or paint brushes to increase the efficiency of each session.

If you are interested but have questions feel free to talk to Keith and Sarah Bocian or Keith and Hope Bowman at church. You can also attend the informational meet on the 18th and ask questions. The Co-Op group(s) will also be formed at this meeting.  If you cannot attend on the 18th please contact Keith Bocian at bocianka1@hotmail.com with questions or to sign up.

We hope you consider joining us as we explore this fellowship opportunity and ‘serve our neighbors.’


The Bocians and Bowmans