March 2018: From The Deacon

March 2018: From The Deacon

“They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither.” Psalm 1:3

Japanese styled gardens with their gentle curves, green mosses, varying sounds of water, entice me to pause. The coupling of magnificent trees and architectural features along with meandering pathways make this type of garden one of my most favorite to visit. But, in truth, I have an incurable obsession with gardens of any type. Be it old garden roses, sun drenched stretches of enchanting vines draped along a fence line, even spending time on a muddy pathway in the woods grounds me.

Every year, I’m thankful for the cadence of liturgical season of Lent. It helps me to slow down, to think seriously about life, death, and resurrection as well as bridge the change of seasons, winter to spring. The Lenten disciplines, mid week Holden Evening Prayer worship, and servant giving assist me in my faith journey, like water nourishing the roots of a tree, offering Spirit filled sustaining strength. As the earth’s brown landscape transitions with the lengthening of days, giving way to green blades rising, I am reminded of God’s promises, promises which hold eternal truth.

During Lent we remember that even amidst the darkest days when the temptations and challenges we face may threaten to overwhelm us, light will come. Good Friday will not have the last word. Easter is the promise that God’s Son-light outshines the darkness.   This is grounding.  This is truth!

Sharon Seyfarth Garner’s poem “Blessing the Fallow Field” expresses this well.

Yesterday we tilled and planted
Today we lie fallow
Tomorrow we sow again
Grateful for the seasons

This day, this month, this Lent, hold tight to the reassurance that God is good and God is with you through every season.

Blessings and Peace,
Deacon Beth