May 2018: Pastor’s Blog

May 2018: Pastor’s Blog

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” – Ephesians 2:8

Every three years, the youth and youth leaders from ELCA congregations come together for a large gathering. This year the ELCA Youth Gathering will be held in Houston, TX, June 27-July 1.

Many of you have already supported our youth through financial contribution and miniMASTERS enthusiasm. Your generosity makes it possible for Reformation to send our 10 youth on this faith forming and life changing trip. While in Houston, our youth will attend daily mass gatherings with 30,000 other Lutheran youth, serve throughout the city, join in community with other youth from our synod, and connect with their faith in new and incredible ways.

It has been said that attending a Youth Gathering is something that belongs on the faith timeline of every youth. It is such a joy to have the generosity of Reformation members continue to make these opportunities for youth a reality.

So, how can you continue support our youth and adult leaders heading to the ELCA Youth Gathering?

  1. Pray for us. As we continue to prepare for our trip, as we travel, and as we are welcomed back home, knowing that your prayers accompany us is the greatest gift we will take along.
  2. Watch the Reformation Facebook Group for pictures and updates about our trip. We will share photos and stories from our trip as we go! If you haven’t yet joined our group on Facebook, now is a great time to see this trip in action!
  3. Join us when we return! Our youth will lead a special worship on Sunday, July 22, based on their experiences in Houston. It is a great way to catch a glimpse of the spirit of the gathering and experience the enthusiasm of our youth.

The theme of this gathering is, “This Changes Everything.” It reflects the power of God’s love to change us forever and for the good of creation. This experience will indeed change everything for our youth and their faith. Thank you for continuing to show forth this life-changing love to the youth of our congregation.

Pastor Alina Gayeuski