June 2018 Deacon’s Blog

June 2018 Deacon’s Blog

“May the eyes of your hearts be enlightened.” – Ephesians 1:18

W. David O. Taylor wrote in Christianity Today,

What if we saw the arts in worship as part of discipleship?  What if we saw the arts as essential, rather than optional, to the Spirit’s work of forming us in the image of Christ when we gather as a corporate body. What if a carefully crafted work of visual art enabled a congregation to see mission in a radically new light? What if art in worship could yield a substantively formative experience? (April 27, 2012)

Those key questions helped to form the vision for a new summer program at Reformation entitled, Art in the Heart of Worship. Once a month in June, July, and August, when you arrive and depart from worship you will have the opportunity to engage in an art experience.

God as Creator made this world with color, texture, patterns, with various sizes and shapes. It is beautiful and marvelously made!

Throughout church history, art has drawn people closer to God and helped to reveal God’s glory. In early times, drawings, paintings, and even stained-glass windows were used to spread the good news of Jesus the Christ to those who were unable to read. In these past twenty years alone, with rapidly developing technology, visual art is being infused in worship space through lighting effects, projection, videos, the use of cell phones, and multi-sensory art installations. Be it abstract or literal, architectural or simple, works born of mud, water, wood, or spun fiber, art can serve as a bridge, assisting us to contemplate God’s presence, God’s call to action, God’s love, and embrace for all.

I’m excited and look forward to Art in the Heart of Worship. I believe it will support the spoken message and assist us to ask questions about God, ourselves, and others. It is an open opportunity for each one of us to glorify God!

Deacon Beth