June 2018 Finance Ministry Blog

June 2018 Finance Ministry Blog

We Reached Our Goal: 50 for 500!

The Finance Ministry is very pleased and excited to announce that members of our congregation have risen to the challenge and we have reached our goal of increasing the membership of The 1517 Society to at least 50 members during the year-long celebration of the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following new members of the The 1517 Society whose generosity and planning helped us to reach our goal (and whose names have been added to the plaque in the main church hallway):

Deb Felton
Paul R. Stearns
Jose-Luis Machado
Elizabeth Svenson
Margery J. Fritsche
Gary C. Kamin
Elizabeth C. Kamin

Let’s keep this momentum going as we invite you to be the first of our next 50 members!

The 1517 Society is our congregation’s planned giving society and consists of members and friends of Reformation Lutheran Church that have included our church in their Wills or provided for some other kind of planned gift or bequest to the church either during their lifetime or upon their death. Please contact the church office, Pastor Wayne, Pastor Alina or any member of the Finance Ministry if you would like to discuss membership in the society.

We also want to thank all of the prior members of the The 1517 Society for making planned gifts to Reformation Lutheran Church:

Carol Andersen
Van Andersen
Doris Bagley
Ernie & Edna Bogert
Elsie Bullen
Bill and Ethel Cooper
Barbara and Grey Creighton
Irene and Bill Davis
Adam and Kathryn Fernandez
Tom and Margie Gibson
Warren and Jean Given
Madeline Heim
Dave and Sally Helms
Wharton J. Hirst
Kris and Dick Hughey
Rachel Irvine
Pat Johnson
Jud Klepper
Jeanne Lee
Dave Moore
Beatrice and William Moser
Steve and Sandy Niss
John and Sue Pritchard
Doc and Jane Schock
Ray Shartner
Kirk and Pat Simmet
Mary Smith
Larry Smoose
Frances Taltavull