Nov 2018 Finance Blog: Stewardship

Nov 2018 Finance Blog: Stewardship

We Walk By Faith & Not By Sight

In recent weeks we have been blessed to hear members of our congregation share their “walk by faith” stories.

Our “faith walk” is a personal matter but it is one we do not make alone. We walk by faith with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Reformation. And we always are accompanied by Jesus as we walk by faith.

As we walk by faith we also grow in faith. We grow in our relationship with God, with each other, and with the world. By God’s grace we also grow in the spirit of generosity which God uses to reach the world.

Your generous spirit makes it possible for our congregation to accomplish great things in both our congregation and in the community. Your continuing and growing financial support helps to sustain and strengthen all our ministries.

Please look for your pledge card for the Annual Fund to arrive in your home by mail in early November. Please review the guidelines on the back of the pledge card and prayerfully consider your gift to the Annual Fund. Consider how God is calling you to be faithful and to grow in your response to God’s gifts to you.

Please bring your completed pledge card with you to worship on Commitment Sunday, November 11. You can also return your card to the church before or after November 11.

Thank you for your continued generosity and support of our annual stewardship campaign. Together, we walk by faith!

Special Socks Sunday – Nov. 11

Wear your special socks (funny socks, silly socks, favorite socks, outlandish socks – any kind of “special” socks!) to worship on Sunday, November 11. That day is Commitment Sunday and we are celebrating our theme, We Walk By Faith, by inviting you to walk in your “special socks.” This is a fun way to show that our walk of faith is a joyful walk because we walk with Jesus and with each other. Show us your socks!