Nov 2018 Library Blog

Nov 2018 Library Blog

We Have a Winner in the Bulletin Board Contest!

Natalie D’Italia won an Amazon gift card for correctly identifying the connections between pairs of books displayed on the library bulletin board. Honorable Mention goes to the members of the Confirmation Class. Thanks to others who participated.

Stop by the always-interesting library bulletin board to see new acquisitions, special themes, and a glimpse at the scope of our collection.

What to Read Now

As Thanksgiving nears and Christmas is on the horizon, here are a few selections to consider.

For appreciating what we have and extending compassion: Truman Capote’s collection of short stories based on his childhood, The Thanksgiving Visitor, provides an intimate look at growing up in the South through Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

For taking some of the unproductive stress out of the holidays, Judy Pace Christie’s Hurry Less, Worry Less: having the holiday season you long for offers ideas for managing unproductive activity while increasing your sense of the reason for the holidays.

And for further planning ideas, Nancy Twigg’s Celebrate Simply might be just what you want to allow you time to fully appreciate the essence of these holidays.

For other seasonal books, stop by the library in person to explore, or use our online catalog.