Feb 2019 Pastor’s Blog

Feb 2019 Pastor’s Blog

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This year the Season of Epiphany lasts throughout January and February until the day before Ash Wednesday on March 6. One of the major themes of this season is light. The season celebrates the shining forth of Jesus as the light of the world. The scripture readings we hear on the Sundays throughout this season tell of the many manifestations of Jesus as the light of the world.

These are days of anxiety and fear for many people. The world seems to be an increasingly dark place to some. How shall we live as God’s faithful people in these sometimes trying times?

Here is a suggestion. Every day, look for the light. Live each day with the awareness that Jesus is present in your life and with the expectation that his loving presence can be discerned, if you are prepared to see it, hear it, feel it, experience it.

Live these days with the “Epiphany Expectation” that God’s love in Jesus Christ is close at hand, even when the darkness seems to surround us. You may be surprised to find how often you will notice the presence of the light of Christ. You may be surprised to find that sometimes you are a conduit of that light for others.

May Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, illumine your path as you “Walk by Faith”.

Yours in the Light of Christ,

Pastor Wayne