March 2019 Deacon’s Blog

March 2019 Deacon’s Blog

I was glad when they said, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”

Our feet are standing within your gates, O Jerusalem. –  Psalm 122:1-2

Len Wilson, storyteller and strategist, wrote in a recent blog: “Ask ten people to define art and you’ll get ten answers.” He continues, “The very fact that art belies a single definition hints at its worldview. Art causes people to think differently about something. It unsettles; it raises questions. By use of affect, it forces us to reconsider our comforts and assumptions. Art is capable of moving people to (re)consider a big idea because it is divergent – rather than pushing people to a single “point,” it is a kind of thinking that explores many possibilities, which results in a kind of learning that is different than the convergence of a single answer. Art exists in worship because wise people know that we don’t just decide to do something, and change our heart and life, based on a purely cognitive understanding of a truth. Real change occurs in the consensus of our heart, mind, soul and strength. This is the artist’s way.”

At Reformation a new three-dimensional art installation entitled At The Foot Of The Cross, will be placed in the chancel for Lent. Each week, as you worship, you have the opportunity to interact with the installation from the very beginning of worship. Watch our crucifer place the processional cross within the installation. The intention of such is to lead you into worship. A second intention is to literally weave you into the expressive art display. The shoes within the installation beckon viewers to consider not only their personal walk by faith, but that of those they might accompany in the world: those known and those unknown. We trust in our walk of faith that God knows all of our stories. We trust in our walk of faith that God meets us in the midst of our daily life. We trust in our walk of faith that God forever will abide.

At The Foot Of The Cross is designed to engage you. In addition to the visual art, you will find in a basket located at the front row of the sanctuary with copies of the poem, “Could you walk in their shoes?” written by Jennifer Dalton. There is also a journal for anyone of any age to add personal reflections, words of wisdom, stories, prayers, and pictures.

This Lent, may At The Foot Of The Cross draw you closer to God. Consider the following questions: Who walked in the shoes? How did those who wore the shoes know love? Experience hope? Have a sense of renewal and peace? How might I bring the Reformation mission to life and welcome someone wearing those shoes?

Come and sit. Enter into the art. Ponder. Pause. Add to the art. Be a part of this dynamic expression of community and faith.


Deacon Beth