October Pastor’s Blog

October Pastor’s Blog

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord’!” – Psalm 122:1

For nearly 30 years, Reformation has been serving the Elwyn community by providing chaplaincy on the Elwyn Campus. (Elwyn is a care community for individuals with developmental disabilities.) The Elwyn ministry currently consists of a Sunday worship, a Wednesday Bible Study, memorial service leadership, pastoral care, and participation in special events.

Since my call to Reformation (and while I was in seminary!), I have been serving as the Chaplain to Elwyn through Reformation. The highlight of this ministry, for me, has been the Sunday afternoon worship service every Sunday at 1:00 pm at Wechsler Hall on Elwyn’s campus.

Wechsler Hall is where skilled nursing level care is provided and most of the residents are in wheelchairs. Other campus residents from other buildings are brought by staff to Wechsler for worship. Staff and family members also join us in the main common room in the center of the building.

Worship includes joyful, Sunday-School-style songs such as He’s Got the Whole World, Joy Joy Joy, and This Little Light of Mine. Percussion instruments, like tambourines and maracas, are favorite parts of worship too. A Bible story or lesson is shared – often with a physical object that can be touched, watched, smelled, or heard.

Communion is celebrated each week.. Some residents love to help tell the communion story and to pray the Lord’s Prayer – usually in a “repeat after me” style. Blessings and communion are shared with residents, staff, and family members that are visiting.

Everyone is always invited and welcome to come and join us for worship at Elwyn! Many of the residents LOVE one-on-one attention and extra guests always help to connect them to the worship even more!

Please feel free to talk to me about any specific questions you might have about Elwyn worship or let me know if you need directions to come and join us at Wechsler some Sunday!


Pastor Alina

Pastor Alina is pictured here with Bishop Munga (from our partner synod in Tanzania)
and an Elwyn client.