COVID-19 Loss & Grief

COVID-19 Loss & Grief

All Our Losses, All Our Grief

A new virtual class on loss, grief, and ritual begins on May 6 for three consecutive Wednesday evenings, 7 – 8:30 pm. Facilitated by Deacon Beth, this class will help members and friends of Reformation name and claim their personal loss and grief in the midst of COVID-19.

As we continue to live in these bewildering times of social distancing and pandemic there is a sense of collective grief in the air. It is real. Grief is the normal response to loss and yet grief makes us feel “not normal.” While grief has common markers, grief is unique to each and every person. It is never to be minimized. Using storytelling, news notes, and exploratory arts, All Our Losses, All Our Grief participants will discuss concepts of resiliency and self-care as they engage in conversation and contemplative actions. 

To learn more or to have questions answered, email Deacon Beth. To register click on the button below. Registration is required to participate. Registrants will receive a follow up email and telephone call providing details for log in access, resources, and much more.

Let us keep building a living faith together!