Take the Eco Challenge

Take the Eco Challenge

Over the past months, the pandemic has changed everyday life in a myriad of ways both expected and unexpected. Routines were upended, uncertainty and worry abounded, and our usual fast paced lives slowed down tremendously. We’ve had little choice but to put on our thinking caps and figure out new strategies to navigate the moment. And we’ve alternately been bedeviled or gifted with lots of time for reflection.

And now, as people of faith, what will be our takeaway from the pandemic? Will we look back at the photos of clear skies and cleaner air and think of them as merely a fleeting moment of relief for our planet? What insights, experiences, and new learning will inspire us to be better caretakers of creation after the pandemic? The Eco Ministry Committee invites you to answer the question below and share your thoughts with us. The collective wisdom and ideas received will be shared with the congregation in July, so that together we can energize each other to turn crisis into opportunity!

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.” (Revelation 21:1a)

We invite you to consider and respond to the following question: During the pandemic, what environmentally friendly practice or perspective did you adopt that will help us bounce back better?

Learn more about our commitment to Eco Justice and submit your response at relcmedia.org/ecojustice.

Contact Eco Ministry Chair Marilyn Berberich with any questions.