Deacon’s Blog – June 2021

Deacon’s Blog – June 2021

Do not fear,  for I am with you; – Isaiah 43:5a

It has been a long road. These past fifteen months of pandemic time have not been easy. But time and time again, in and through our community of faith and into the wider world, you met one another at life’s rough intersections and offered meaningful comfort and care. You have been God’s love in motion.

In times of isolation and loneliness, loss and grief, financial crisis and mental fatigue, you have accompanied, prayed for others, and offered care. By providing food, clothing, hygiene products, cards for prisoners, phone calls to those isolated or home-bound, and financial support to the many seeking shelter or fresh starts, you reached beyond the walls of Reformation.

This month, I ask you two important questions. Have you been able to offer that same compassionate care to yourself? How have you shown yourself Godly love?

Self-care is not selfish or a sign of selfishness.

Self-care is stewarding life, your life. Self-care is a process of honoring yourself in both attitude and intent. And self-care is vitally important for one’s well-being. The rhythms of rest and relaxation, the activities you enjoy and the connections you hold dear are vital components of physical, spiritual, and mental health.

One of the ways I take care of my health is by taking breaks now and then. Honestly, I probably do not do this often enough. It is something I continue to work on. Even when I am in the office at Reformation, rain or shine, between meetings or tasks, I strive to go outside and find a sunbeam to stand in. Sometimes I find a place that is breezy to feel the air move against my skin. Other times, I pause to listen for the sounds in nature or take a walk to see the daily changes in the church pollinator garden. Such actions connect me to all that God has created. By doing such, I am reminded that I’m part of God’s interconnected web of life and love.

As we each enter the summer months, may we take a few moments each day to pay attention to our self-care – to our wellness, that is, our spiritual, mental and physical health. If you would like to talk about self-care and personal goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Let’s do this together, in love!

You are not alone!

Deacon Beth