Changes at Reformation

Changes at Reformation

At the April meeting, the Congregation Council approved a number of projects that are bringing some big changes to Reformation! Many of these projects are being funded from our Endowment Capital fund. Other projects were budgeted.

Tree work is being done on our property. A  number of trees needed to be removed for safety reasons. This work began in the middle of May.

Additional landscaping work is being  continued around the building. Several older, overgrown plants are being removed and newer plants are being added.

Parking lot work is being completed in July on the east lot. This work will help to square offthe lot and repaint spots and lanes. This will bring our parking lot up to code and help with the safety of traffic through our lot, particularly for school pick up and drop off during the week.

Painting is being done in the upper level in  July. The ROCK Room, Alyce Thompson Room, and the pastorsoffices are being repainted. Sadly, the ROCK Room mural has to be removed. However, the image is being saved – it will be printed and placed on the wall where the mural is currently to maintain that part of our life together! The ROCK Room and Alyce Thompson Room will also be getting recarpeted this summer.

Thank you to our Property Team and all our local contractors who are helping to make these improvements at Reformation!