July Eco Update

July Eco Update

Eight ways to help keep your electric bill low this summer:

1. Turn off A/C when you dont need it.
2. Use a programmable thermostat.

3. Use Energy Star appliances.

4. Check for thorough home insulation.

5. Clean your air conditioning vents and ducts.

6. Turn on your ceiling fans.

7. Take advantage of natural ventilation.

8. Block the sun with blinds and shades.

More Water Filters Purchased

When safe drinking water just isnt available especially in times following natural disasters or emergencies a simple ceramic water filter is a lifesaver. Capable of purifying water without electricity or chemicals, a water filter is a powerful, reliable way to provide safe water when its needed most.

With the money raised from the Eco Ministry Committees reusable tote bag sales, we were able to purchase four water filters so far this year. That brings our grand total up to 19! Thank you for your support of this program.