22-23 Program year theme

22-23 Program year theme

Living Hope

Paul often talks about hope in his letters. For him, hope is a part of faith that is alive and active – always moving people forward in their relationship with God, always looking towards tomorrow and the promises of God that will meet us there.

As we live through this time of transition and change, we continue to have our hope set on the living God. We have hope that is active and moving, changing and growing – all in response to God’s presence.

This is what it means to have a “living hope” – to be people of God who continue to live and grow together, looking ahead at the promises that wait for us, and sharing the love of God that has come to dwell with us here and now.

Throughout this year we invite you to think about how hope is alive in your life. Look for places where hope invites you to be secure in today because of what God promises for tomorrow. Take time to reflect on the way God’s love continues to inspire a “living hope.”