October Vicar’s Blog

October Vicar’s Blog

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. (John 10:10)

The fall is when we often talk about abundance. After all, we see abundance all around us at this time of year: an abundance of colors, an abundance of new harvests, an abundance of places where God peeks into our everyday lives.

Scripture reminds us that God does not want us just to live, but to live abundantly. To serve one another with boundless care and generosity. To love one another radically, as Christ loves us radically. To respond to the depth of God’s boundless grace with abundant worship and thanksgiving.

As one of the praise songs in our late worship service sings, we were made to thrive! So much of our busy lives is often consumed with just getting by, keeping our heads down, surviving…but God calls us to more. God invites us to bring the Kingdom of God here and now, to care for and serve one another in ways that help us all to thrive.

Beloved ones of God, may you have an abundant season, full of God’s boundless mercy, wonder, and love. May you embrace what makes you thrive and seek to bring goodness to others in all that you do. Amen.

In Peace,
Vicar Eileen (she/her)