Feb. 2023 Pastor’s Blog

Feb. 2023 Pastor’s Blog

Where is hope alive for you this Lenten season?

This is the question we are asking the congregation to ponder this Lent as a devotional practice, leaning into our 2022-2023 theme of Living Hope.

I believe hope comes from where we see glimpses of God peeking through into our world; moments that make us feel like there is good yet to come. Hope is a living, growing being–which you’ll see through our art installation in the sanctuary this season! Hope is what early Christians were so deeply in need of, the reason that the ministry of Jesus and the reality of the cross were so powerful: they inspired hope where there was none. So where is hope alive for me? Certainly here at Reformation, as we reflect on all that we do to inspire hope in one another through benevolence and service, both in the congregation and in the community. My hope is also living and thriving because of my close friends and family. Seeing how my loved ones love me, and love others, gives me hope for our world as children of God continually working to make it a better place.

This month and next, as we move through the season of Lent, you’re invited to share where hope is alive for you. Go to relcmedia.org/lent and follow the button to write a devotion. It’s a simple form where you can respond with your reflections on the question above, as well as submit Scripture passages or images that represent your hope. We will be sharing these responses with the congregation through email this season and can’t wait to live in hope with you in this way.

In hope,

Pastor Eileen (she/her)