July 2023 Pastor’s Blog

July 2023 Pastor’s Blog

Happy July, Beloveds!

It’s been about 6 months now since we drew our “Star Words” at Epiphany to guide our faith in this new year. Little did you know, I would be checking up on how you and your word are getting along! So, how is it going with your star word? Do you remember it? Have you seen it around in your life lately?

Part of the purpose of a star word is to see where God might be pointing us when we focus in on something. Sometimes God speaks to us in as little as one word! My star word for 2023 was “vision.” I’ve had it taped onto my desk at church since January so I am reminded of it often.

Here are some ways that I’ve thought about vision this year!

Vision is something we often take for granted in a physical sense. When my sister-in-law lost a single contact lens on a trip and didn’t have access to any replacements, we helped her along by being her vision. When the ash from the Canadian wildfires clouded the sky around the Northeast in June, we had limited vision outside.

Visions are biblical. Throughout Scripture, God speaks to people in visions and dreams, to show them more about Godself or to warn them of danger. A vision warned Joseph to take the newborn Jesus to Egypt as they escaped King Herod. A vision turned Saul into Paul and changed the course of his life forever.

Vision can also mean forward thinking. One standard definition describes vision asthe ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” The vision of the future around us at Reformation is one of generosity and faithfulness.

May you be able to reflect on your Star Word this month. May it speak to you, show up in new ways, and point you in surprising directions.

In Peace,
Pastor Eileen (she/her)