Advent 2023

Dear Reformation Members and Friends,

The color blue is associated with Advent as a way of signaling the hope that comes with this season. Just like the color of the sky before the sun rises, we look at the promised coming of God’s reign in this world with the same hope-filled eyes awaiting sunrise. We are filled with a sense of renewal in the promises of God that are coming into our days and lives. Advent reminds us that we are renewed in Christ.

In these weeks of Advent, we are invited to share this hope with the world. You are invited to join us for the opportunities that reflect that hope – worshipping, serving, and, in all things, celebrating God’s love for us.

One opportunity to serve is through our St. Nicholas gift giving. The organizations that will be supported through our gifts and information about the gifts which are needed can be accessed online here.

Advent Calendars are available at the church from ELCA World Hunger. These devotions provide a daily opportunity for prayer and reflection as we make our way through this season.

We also invite you to view other devotional and prayer resources below.

May you be renewed in the promise of the coming of the Lord.

In the hope of Advent,
Pastor Alina & Pastor Eileen

Advent Devotions

Advent Devotions – ELCA World Hunger
A reflection for each week of Advent from ELCA World Hunger’s Ministry.

God With Us
GOD WITH US is an Advent devotional from the ELCA Homeless and Justice Network, a coalition of ministries called to serve with those on the margins who are struggling with homelessness, poverty and justice issues. The devotions are organized by the Advent themes of hope, peace, joy and love. Each devotion has everything you need: a verse, a personal reflection from the contributor, a thoughtful quotation, a reflective question and a closing prayer

Advent Devotions – #AdventWord
#AdventWord is a global, online Advent calendar. Each day from the first Sunday of Advent through Christmas Day, #AdventWord offers meditations and images to inspire and connect individuals and a worldwide community of believers to the themes of Advent. You are invited to participate by posting your own images using the hashtag #AdventWord and the word of the day, for example, #journey. You can sign up here to receive the daily devotions emailed to you.

Download ‘Living Well Through Advent’
The season of Advent, along with the thoughtful writings and reflection questions in this devotional, provides us with the opportunity to slow down so we can make counter-cultural choices, choices that will help prepare us for the true meaning of Christmas.

Unbound – Starry Black Night Devotionals
A womanist Advent devotional.

Advent Activities

Advent Activity –  Hygge Conversations
Gather your family together (or connect virtually with family and friends) for some cozy conversations about life!

Weekly Hygge Advent Activities
Read, reflect, practice, pray and learn about Hygge each week of Advent & Christmas Eve.

Advent Activity – ELCA World Hunger Advent Calendar
A daily devotional calendar with scripture, prayer prompts, and hunger statistics from the ELCA World Hunger Ministry.

Advent Activity – Making an Advent Wreath for Your Home
To make your own Advent wreath place four dark blue candles together in a special space in your home (or tie blue ribbons around white/cream colored candles). You can add greens around the base of the candles. (For kids – a great option is using green molding clay to create a wreath and blue birthday candles!)

LITTLE DREAMERS—Children’s Lessons for Advent through Epiphany
Following our Those Who Dream Advent theme, we’ve compiled simple lessons for children, including story books, prompts, messages, and prayers for each week.

Gathering to Write Advent Practice
Gathering to Write is intended to be a multi-generational, four-week Advent practice for small groups and families.

Advent Prayers
Advent Prayers – Prayers for Lighting an Advent Wreath at Home
Use these prayers to light your Advent wreath at home each week.
Advent Prayers – Praying with Color
Use this form to pray through the season of Advent. Fill in one portion each day as you pray. Use colors that represent your prayers or words from your prayer.