Chester Children’s Chorus


Chester ChoirChester Children’s Chorus was started 20 years ago by director John Alston with about eight boys.  Since then it has grown to a chorus of 140 girls and boys from ages 8 to 18.  The mission is to provide the children of Chester with the opportunity to achieve musical excellence and expand their intellectual and cultural horizons, allowing then to flourish as confident individuals.  In addition, there is also a “Sing-To-Learn” program which provides music instruction that reinforces academic objectives in 12 kindergarten, first grade and second grade classrooms in Chester.  Chester is one of the most impoverished and dangerous cities in Pennsylvania with a school system that ranks near the bottom of the list.  In this environment, John Alston and the varied programs of the Chorus (after school tutoring, summer one-on-one reading programs and tutoring with Swathmore professors) all offer hope to the children and a new and different vision of what their future might hold.

Reformation began its relationship with Chester Children’s Chorus in April, 2011. Since then we have hosted and co-sponsored several of their performances over the years. Reformation has pledged to support the Chorus financially with funds matching the free-will offerings collected at the concerts.

Be sure the visit the Chester Children’s Chorus website where you can learn more about the mission and work of the chorus and hear excerpts from their recent concerts.