At Reformation, our Confirmation Program includes elements of purposeful worship attendance, study of scripture and our Lutheran tradition, service projects and fellowship times. Students typically enroll in the Confirmation program for their 7th and 8th grade years. Confirmation Sunday is held in the fall – during which time our 9th graders affirm the promises made at their baptisms.

Confirmation Classes are held each Sunday during the education hour, beginning at 9:45 a.m. The class meets in the ROCK Room.

Pastor Alina Gayeuski teaches the Confirmation Class along with the support and involvement of the Confirmation Guides and Confirmation Mentors.

Confirmation Mentor Program
As our confirmation students are preparing to affirm the promises made on their behalf at their baptisms, we recognize the vital time this is in their faith development. Through this recently-developed mentor program, we are able to add an additional element of purposeful relationship with an adult member of the congregation. These relationships offer an opportunity for our youthto see faithful adults who live out their calls from God in many different and wonderful ways andgive our youth a way to see their own lives fitting into this community.