Team ELCA Softball

Each spring Reformation participates in a Christian slow-pitch softball league. We combine with other local Lutheran churches to form team ELCA. Any able male or female over the age of 16 is welcome to join this group for fun, fellowship and a little exercise. Games begin in May and continue though the playoff tournament in July. We play ten regular season games during the week (never on a Fri/Sat/Sun) at ELAM near 202 in Glen Mills. We do NOT expect you to commit to EVERY game, but hope you can make a majority. There will be a small fee for tee shirts (if you do not already have one) and registration TBD by the amount of participants we get. Please spread the word about this fun opportunity – invite your friends! If you are interested in learning more or signing up please contact Jameson Troutman.

We welcome spectators at all our games!

2019 Season Schedule


Date                      Visitors                Home                   


5/2*                    ELCA                     Other league (Media) at Clayton Park

5/7*                    ELCA                     Other league (Crossroads) at Clayton Park

Regular season

5/14/19              Brandywine             ELCA

5/16/19               ELCA                         Trinity

5/21/19              Aldersgate                ELCA

5/28/19               ELCA                         Goshen Baptist

6/6/19                 Trinity                      ELCA      

6/11/19              Goshen Baptist           ELCA      

6/17/19               ELCA                      Brandywine

6/25/19               ELCA                    Aldersgate

Playoffs TBD.

* Do not count toward playoffs. These are bonus games against another league and are played at different fields from our home field.