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May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Sunday Book Study

The Faith Life Connection class is an adult study designed for faith engagement and learning on Sunday mornings, 9:45 am, Creighton Hall, held in accordance with the Christian Education calendar, defined by the Christian Education Committee.

The Faith Life Class is:

  • a place of hospitality and learning, where Reformation’s mission and welcome
    statements are lived to the fullest.
    • Coffee, Tea, Fellowship is offered
      prior to class time, complementing and extending Lobby Hospitality downstairs
    • Class members strive to invite first
      time and returning visitors from worship, class members seeks out and plan
      service opportunities in order to serve together, and class members commit to
      prayer and mutual care to assist one another build a living faith.
  • a place where people of all ages can engage in studies that connect the world
    events with Bible, faith, and everyday life.
    • Intentional short term studies (1 – 6
      weeks) are presented to help and assist people in their ‘walk by faith,’ empowering
      people to come and go according to their availability
    • Resources include video based study,
      movies, Book Club reads, news articles, and magazine based studies.

  • a place where class participants commit to a ‘shared leadership’ model.
    •  Rotating leadership is recruited to support
      the teaching cycles of short courses thus affirming, celebrating and growing
      discipleship through gifts and talents, core interests, and skills.
  • a place of safety and trust.
    • In these challenging societal times,
      the class commits to maintaining a trusting, nurturing environment to assist
      all in building a living faith for self care, advocacy, dialogue and service.