Lutheran Education Resources

Education is a rich and dynamic part of the Lutheran Church. Martin Luther was himself a university professor and believed that education was crucial to our service to God and neighbor. Lutherans have historically started and sustained education at all levels – from preschools to universities – and advocated for the education rights of all people. As such, we continue to celebrate the role of learning and study within our faith journey. Learning about the Lutheran tradition and theology is meant to create a base for critical thinking of how we are called to live in this world, questions that strengthen faithful witness of the church, and most of all, a way to be attentive to the needs and concerns of others so that we might respond with God’s love.
Below are some resources that will help you explore scripture, theology, and tradition with a Lutheran lens. You are always welcome to have a conversation with one of Reformation’s clergy. You are also invited to visit the Reformation Library for resources for all ages and contexts.