Bible Studies

All adults are invited to our Bible study which meets in the choir room during the Sunday School hour from 9:45 am til 10:45am.   Our study is an informal discussion style class, making use of cultural and historical information as we attempt to understand the events and people of the Bible. We are always looking for the themes of God’s will and mercy down through the ages.

The last couple of years we have studied the history of Israel, especially the kingdom period from Saul to the tragic fall of Jerusalem and the Babylonian exile. We have also done a study on the New Testament book of Hebrews.  This year, we look forward to a new challenging and interesting study.

Recently we were delighted to have the opportunity to purchase new study Bibles. The New Interpreters Study Bible is available to purchase or to use during the study. It has commentary, maps, charts and many other kinds of information. It is a very helpful aid as we look at cultures long vanished. It is a New Revised Standard Version Bible. Of course all are welcome to bring any preferred translation.

We will begin on Rally Day, September 7th, and we continue until Memorial Day Sunday in May.   We do not meet on Sundays when Adult Forums are scheduled so that everyone who likes to attend Adult Forum can.    It’s not necessary to sign up or register. We are happy to see new members and guests at any time!!

At other times during the year, we additionally hold 3 to 6 week Bible Study topics.  See our calendar and upcoming events for additional study opportunities.

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