Global Mission

Global Mission encourages congregational participation in the worldwide work of the church.

Global Offering

As part of the Global Ministry’s mission, once a month during both Sunday services, our ushers collect a special ‘second offering’ in the globes that are passed around.  Unless otherwise specified, each months offering is given to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal to alleviate hunger around the world (working through Lutheran World Relief, Lutheran World Federation, and other such organizations.)  On occasion, the committee or the pastor may choose to direct these gifts to other fund-raising emphases of the ELCA, such as the Anti-Malaria campaign, or for additional funds for our educational projects in partnership with our friends at the Lutheran Church in Pagani, Tanzania, East Africa.

Disaster Relief

Reformation has supported families in need with our congregation ‘adopting’ families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The congregation raised funds and donated clothing, necessities, and housing in our community while they regrouped to return to rebuild and return to employment and school. Our youth also donated many hours of service in partnership with local congregations and organizations to help rebuild and rehabilitate communities affected by Katrina.

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2nd New Orleans Mission rebuilding trip

Missionaries in Africa

Reformation supports missionary families in Africa.  Prior to 2010 Reformation supported Dr. Michael and Kay Johnson’s work with hospitals and orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya, and Robert and Janice Marie (JMe) Lowden who lived in Arusha, Tanzania and were the ELCA regional representatives to Tanzania and Rwanda.  We now support Brian and Christine Palmer as of March 2012.

The Palmers

The Palmers are serving in Totota, Liberia.

Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission at Rock Point, AZ

The Mission was founded 55 years ago by a Lutheran minister and is located in the Four Corners area of Arizona. The school provides quality Christian  education for 60 to 80 children from K through sixth grade. In addition, various outreach services address the social needs of the Navajo community. A much needed medical clinic was re-opened  thanks to a generous grant.

Through the efforts of two church members, who also are members of the NELM Board of Directors, Reformation became involved not only financially, but through in kind gifts, and volunteer opportunities at the Mission and at home.    For more information visit:

Pangani Lutheran Church Partnership in Tanzania

Our partnership began after a trip to Tanzania in 1995 by two members of Reformation as part of a group from the ELCA Southeastern Synod of Pennsylvania.  The Pangani Parish consists of 26 sub-parishes that have limited financial means to educate their children beyond elementary school.  In 2001 the Secondary Education Fund was initiated by Pastor Smoose to provide the needed financial support to the Parish. This program has been very successful and over 1300 students have benefited since its inception.  Bicycles have been provided for those students from distant parishes and can be kept upon successful graduation.  In addition a motorcycle has been provided for the Pastor so he can facilitate his visits to the outlying sub-parishes.

Reformation visitors welcomed during a Pangani church service.

Reformation visitors welcomed during a Pangani church service.

In November 2002 Pastor Smoose, along with a Reformation member and two others, made a visit to Kenya and to Pangani to review the Secondary Education program.  Again in 2007 Pastor Smoose made a personal visit.  Then in August 2011 six members of  Reformation made the fourth visit to the Pangani Parish.  Plans are being made for other ways to help the Parish to become more self-supporting.  Our 20th Anniversary of our Pangani Partnership was in November 2015.


Pastor Smoose in Tanzania

Reformation visitors chatting with Pangani students.

Reformation visitors chatting with Pangani students.

Refugee Resettlement/Lutheran Children and Family Services

Reformation has assisted several refugee families escaping war and torture in Liberia and Russia (Mesketian Turks) to successfully resettle in our community with housing and employment. Our congregation is one of hundreds joined in this effort to resettle refugees from a variety of countries, ethnic groups and communities. Our members have responded generously with donations of furniture and beds, household items, clothing and food.

St. Michael’s Indian School in Arizona

In summer months in the past, some members of Reformation journeyed to St. Michael’s Indian School on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. Some built a pump shed, one tuned pianos, and others visited Navajos in their homes. The Navajo were welcoming, and willing to share their traditions and culture. They are, however, very poor and isolated. Each Christmas season we support the Reservation by selling their jewelry before and after regular services and send back to them 100% of the proceeds to additionally help support their needs.  Plan now to go to Arizona next summer with us, to build, to teach, to share our love with the Navajo. For further information, and ask for Roger Johnsen how you can get involved.

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