Global & Interfaith Ministry

Council Liaison: Uli Neubert

Global & Interfaith Ministry encourages congregational participation in the worldwide work of the church.

Global Offering

As part of the Global Ministry’s mission, once a month during both Sunday services, our ushers collect a special ‘second offering’ in the globes that are passed around.  Unless otherwise specified, each months offering is given to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal to alleviate hunger around the world (working through Lutheran World Relief, Lutheran World Federation, and other such organizations.)  On occasion, the committee or the pastor may choose to direct these gifts to other fund-raising emphases of the ELCA, such as the Anti-Malaria campaign, or for additional funds for our educational projects in partnership with our friends at the Lutheran Church in Pagani, Tanzania, East Africa.

Interfaith Philadelphia

Reformation is a Dare to Understand partner of Interfaith Philadelphia – an organization supporting interfaith learning and engagement in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Reformation members and friends have participated in programs such as Walking the Walk and Visionary Women as well as trainings, lectures, and art tours.
For more information about Interfaith Philadelphia visit their website:

Interfaith Council of Southern Delaware County

Reformation is in partnership with other faith communities in southern Delaware County. The pastors and deacon serve as representatives of the congregation to the monthly gathering of faith leaders. The Council sponsors special events and works to respond to local issues from a faith perspective.
Through this partnership, Reformation has developed a close relationship with Congregation Beth Israel in Media. With Beth Israel we have sponsored and hosted ARTolerance programs and supported each other during holidays.

Global Lutheran Ministries

Reformation also participates in and supports the work of the Lutheran Social Ministry agencies that work around the world. You can learn more about these ministries through the links below.

Pangani Lutheran Church Partnership in Tanzania

Our partnership began after a trip to Tanzania in 1995 by two members of Reformation as part of a group from the ELCA Southeastern Synod of Pennsylvania.  The Pangani Parish consists of 26 sub-parishes that have limited financial means to educate their children beyond elementary school.  In 2001 the Secondary Education Fund was initiated by Pastor Smoose to provide the needed financial support to the Parish. This program has been very successful and over 1300 students have benefited since its inception.  Bicycles have been provided for those students from distant parishes and can be kept upon successful graduation.  In addition a motorcycle has been provided for the Pastor so he can facilitate his visits to the outlying sub-parishes.

Reformation visitors welcomed during a Pangani church service.

Reformation visitors welcomed during a Pangani church service.

In November 2002 Pastor Smoose, along with a Reformation member and two others, made a visit to Kenya and to Pangani to review the Secondary Education program.  Again in 2007 Pastor Smoose made a personal visit.  Then in August 2011 six members of  Reformation made the fourth visit to the Pangani Parish.  Plans are being made for other ways to help the Parish to become more self-supporting.

Reformation visitors chatting with Pangani students.

Reformation visitors chatting with Pangani students.

Our 20th Anniversary of our Pangani Partnership was in November 2015 and we celebrated with another trip to Tanzania August/September 2016.