Life Abundant: I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. – John 10:10b

Jesus’ words promising abundant life echoes through the mission and ministry of Reformation. There is no place where we look that we do not recognize this truth and the opportunities for where God is calling us next.

We live life abundant in our faith. This promise from Jesus is not for material goods but rather the reality of God’s love that has no end and knows no bounds. The community that gathers at Reformation and those in the community that know of the mission of the congregation continue to witness to the abundance of God’s love

We live life abundant at Reformation. From our worship and fellowship to our school programs to our community groups this building is constantly alive with activity and purpose. There is always a place for everyone and ways to grow in relationship with our neighbors.

We live life abundant in the world. The commitment to serving and generosity extends far beyond the walls of this congregation. We celebrate the abundance of blessings given to us and the way we can use them in service to God and neighbor.

As we journey through this year together, we invite you to look for where you see life abundant, where the promises of God’s love are made real for you, and the ways in which we are called to move together into the places God is calling to together.

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Member Videos from our worship services:
Reformation members share their thoughts about “Life Abundant” as we consider our support for ministries for the coming year. These videos were viewed in worship throughout October
ELCA Stories of Faith in Action

This annual publication illustrates how God is at work across the ELCA through your generosity. It highlights how a portion of your offering, called Mission Support, advances the ministry of our church — particularly the ways the ELCA nurtures vital congregations, raises up leaders and grows the global church. Most importantly, it’s one way we say thank you for your faithful generosity to your congregation, your synod and the churchwide organization — by showing your offering at work.

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Reformation members reflect on the importance of our ministry…

The end of every worship service at Reformation establishes the framework as I go forward into the world. The focus becomes “serving our neighbor” and sharing with them the abundance that we all have. This outward focus allows us each to “build a living faith.” – John Grantland

Abundant life is found in love, peace, and in connection to one another. Reformation Lutheran Church has long provided me and many others the depth and breadth of abundant life in Christ. Our abundant life together knows no bounds! – Laura Reiter

We each have a choice to see what we have as enough or not. Once we choose abundance, we have everything we need. I find my faith life at Reformation as a constant reminder of the abundance God grants me every day; I am grateful. – Marian Filtz